About My Life is Emily


After owning a personal graphics site and blog for several years, I started a secondary, personal blog on Tumblr under the name My Life is Emily (I had just marathoned all the episodes of My Life as Liz, and I was obsessed with My Life is Average). At 18, I used it as a way to express any and all emotions I might be having (aka any and all feelings I might be having towards any particular boy or “drama” in my life). It started out as a 365-day picture blog challenge in 2011 (which quickly dwindled to random blog posts), and turned into a place on WordPress to link to my writing clips in 2014. Now, in 2015, it has officially become my own lifestyles blog.

It has taken me four years to finally get My Life is Emily to where I want it. The content has constantly changed (but the name has stuck). In other words, it has taken me four years to decide what I wanted to blog about. After a long process and a lot of procrastination, I have finally narrowed it down to five categories. These are the categories you will find on this site. These are the categories I am most passionate about. These are the categories I’m actually interested in writing about. They are:

Beauty, Books, Entertainment, Food, and Real Life.

You, the reader, will find reviews, recommendations, hauls, recipes, personal essays, and so much more on this blog. But each review, each recommendation, each haul, each post – will pertain to one of the five topics above. I hope you join the party.


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