About Emily


My name is Emily. I am 23, a recent college graduate, and a lifestyle and books blogger. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and concentrations in both New Media Communications and Creative Writing. I am an avid reader – I’ve been reading since I was two – and a passionate writer. For almost nine years, it was my dream to work in the magazine journalism industry. I’ve interned at South Jersey Magazine, as well as Philadelphia Style Magazine in their editorial departments; I’ve also written for my school newspapers, and several other online publications. I’ve worked in both print and online. Currently, I’m pursuing my passion of publishing while interning at Entangled Publishing as an editorial intern.

Previously, I owned Dress Like Taylor.net, the first and leading Taylor Swift style site, with my good friend Chance. Four years and over twelve million hits later, we finally retired the website to focus on our real lives (aka college).

I’ve wanted to start my blog for a long time, but never could decide what I wanted to blog about. Four years, many brainstorm sessions, and a college degree later, I have finally decided on what I wanted to write.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me reading, eating, watching movies, television, hockey, and YouTube videos, staring at Christian Louboutin shoes online, or updating my Goodreads.

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