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If you’re a planner addict like me, you’ve probably heard of the Erin Condren Life Planner. You might even own one yourself. I’m so excited because mine finally arrived today! It actually got here a few days earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise. This post will be a quick little overview and review of the planner incase you’re looking for a new planner or are on the fence about spending the money on one like I was. This is my first planner from Erin Condren and after receiving it and unwrapping it, I’m very happy with my decision.

First off, the packing the planner comes in is absolutely beautiful. Mine arrived in a pink floral box, wrapped in blue tissue paper and bubble wrap to keep it safe. The care Erin Condren puts into just shipping her products is phenomenal. My box would have been in perfect condition if it weren’t for my mailman trying to shove it into my mailbox. Instead, it was a little bent, and had little rips on the side. However, when I opened the package, absolutely nothing was bent, ripped, or harmed, despite the mailman’s stupidity.

ErinCondrenBox1My current planner runs out at the end of this month (June). I was on the lookout for a new planner, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted. On one hand, I needed a planner now, but getting a planner that ran a school year, June 2015 – June 2016, didn’t make sense to me, especially since I just recently graduated college. However, on the other hand, I didn’t want to spend so much money on a 2015 planner, just to use it half the year, and then have to buy a new one. That’s when I realized Erin Condren’s new life planners were launching. When you purchase the planner, you have the option to buy just the 2016 version, or to buy the 2016 version + whatever months are left in 2015. My planner was up at the end of June, and the new Erin Condren starts the very beginning of July. It was perfect.


I was up in the air for a while, debating which planner I wanted to buy. I was between a metallic gold planner or one of the regular ones. I ended up choosing the regular one (or the cheaper option), and I’m very happy with how it came out. One of the great benefits of Erin Condren planners are the customization options. Just this year she introduced a horizontal option to go along with the typical vertical weekly spreads she normally offers. All of the planners I have owned in the past have been horizontal, but after much debate and consideration, I made the switch to the vertical layout (and I’m so happy I did!).

ErinCondrenPlanner2If you are interested in seeing detailed overviews in video of the new 2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planners, including both the horizontal and the vertical spreads, check out Shannon’s video or Andrea’s video. They both go into great detail comparing the planners, and comparing them with last year’s planner.

In the box, a few freebies were included, including some adorable gift tags, a coupon code, and some samples of some of the Erin Condren accessories – including a coil clip (which allows you to stick papers, invitations, tickets, etc. into your planner), a sample sticker sheet, and three compliment cards. Also included in the planner is the perpetual calendar which is perfect for keeping birthdays and important yearly dates in, as well as a clear bookmark and little ziplock case. In the back are little stickers that say “birthday,” “doctor’s appointment,” “vacation,” etc. These come in different colors and fit perfectly in the boxes. There are also two pages of blank stickers for you to write in whatever you choose. If you know how you plan on using and organizing your planner, you can buy customized stickers when you purchase your planner.

Inside the planner, there are two pages with little boxes that are perfect for writing InsideQuoteErinCondren2goals in. In the back is a notes section with lined, blank, and graph pages. Each month has a separate tab, an inspirational quote on the monthly divider, and a two-page monthly view spread. On each monthly view spread, there is a place for you to write down goals (or for you to write whatever else you want). Every month has a different color scheme, and the weekly pages incorporate the colors of whichever month it is. The cool thing is if you’re into decorating your Erin Condren planner with stickers, many Etsy sticker shops specialize in stickers that come in the monthly color schemes and that are cut to fit in the Erin Condren boxes and spreads. Several sticker shops offer monthly kits that are often in the Erin Condren monthly colors. On each weekly page spread, there are three boxes for each day, which instead of having the typical “morning,” “day,” and “evening” headers, they now are left blank for you to customize as you like. I really like this because I don’t typically organize my days by the time of day. I’d rather organize it by “work” or “blog” or “to do” or something similar. There is also a sidebar space, perfect for weekly to-do lists or weekly goals, and a place to write a “thankful thought” up in the lefthand corner. Also on the weekly page spread are little lined spaces below each day, where you can write whatever you want, depending on how you decide to organize your planner.


Erin Condren also offers many accessories in her shop that you can buy, including a snap in meal plan or more CoilClip connectors. She also came out with a book full of beautiful stickers that you can use to decorate inside your planner. You should definitely check everything out and brainstorm on how you plan on using your planner before you make a purchase.

I know some people are wary of the Erin Condren life planners because of the hype and because of the price. I personally think they’re definitely worth the investment. The weekly (and monthly) spreads are simple, but still pretty, and very customizable. I love that you’re able to decorate the inside spreads however you choose. You have so many options, especially because most of the headers are blank so you can choose how you want to customize your planner each week – or even each day. I’m so happy with my 18 month planner, and I definitely recommend the Erin Condren planner. It’s perfect for organizing your days, keeping track of your meals, or even just writing down simple to-do lists.

If you’re interested in buying an Erin Condren Life Planner (or notebook, or any other Erin Condren product), and you would like $10 off your order, you can use my referral link by clicking here and signing up.

I will also be posting a planner supply (sticker) haul sometime next week after my last two orders arrive. Once July starts, I will hopefully be posting photo planner updates on my Instagram, as well as a Plan with Me/Inside My Planner blog post with tips and details on how I use my planner.

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