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Last night I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour in Philadelphia. I’ve seen Taylor perform multiple times before, but HOLY. CRAP. The concert left me speechless. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who the opening acts are (although both Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy put on a surprisingly good performance). It doesn’t matter if you only know a few of her songs (it’s the perfect chance to become obsessed with new ones!). And it doesn’t matter if you aren’t her biggest fan. – If the opportunity presents itself, take it. Here are three reasons why you should go see the 1989 tour.

It’s pure entertainment, and completely new.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen Taylor’s previous concerts. Take it from me, a girl who has had the privilege of seeing her six times in the past seven years. She always puts on an amazing show, and this year’s tour is no different. Except, well. It is. If your reasoning is that you’ve seen her before, you should know that every Taylor Swift concert is new and different. Not only does this tour showcase her new music, and her new style of music, but it also puts a spin on old favorites. If you’re sick of “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” that’s okay. Taylor puts a rock spin on the song, which in my opinion, is better than the original. I always claimed “I Knew You Were Trouble” was one of my favorite song…and then I heard the 1989 tour version, and oh. my. gosh. This new tour version is better than I could have ever imagined. Taylor even brings back old favorites like “Love Story” and “Enchanted.”

Taylor’s shows are always entertaining – filled with costume changes, fun props, amazing dancers, and exciting sets. The 1989 tour doesn’t disappoint. You also never know what to expect. Taylor has been bringing special surprise musical guests to the stage, like Rachel Platten and Echosmith. Her friends, like Cara Delevingne and Mariska Hargitay, both who appeared in the Bad Blood music video, have walked the catwalk with her during her hit song, “Style,” at multiple shows. Taylor gives her fans what she believes they deserve – an amazing show.

taylorswift1989tour2You’re surrounded by fellow fans…
I got to the venue at around 3:30 p.m. yesterday with my best friend. Doors didn’t open until 5, but already fans were hanging out, and waiting in line. It was close to 90 degrees, but fans were still dressed in different costumes, excited for the doors to open. The costumes have become a staple at Taylor’s shows. You can show up to one of her concerts and see a person dressed in a Stitch costume (“20 stitches in the hospital room.“) or people dressed with signs that read cherry lips, crystal skies, and not blink an eye. One of my favorite parts was being seated next to a young boy and his mother. He was so excited, and was standing the entire concert. He danced, he clapped, he cheered, and he sang the lyrics with Taylor. It made me so happy seeing HIM so happy (and knowing that Taylor was the reason he was so happy). Once the show started, I was surrounded by 49,999 other fans, singing the same lyrics. This year, Taylor’s team hands out little bracelets for the show that are programmed to light up different colors during each song. Looking around the stadium and seeing all the different lights is a breathtaking view. In that moment, you have a connection with 49,999 other people, and it is an amazing feeling.

…but it’s still an intimate show.
I’ve gone from seeing Taylor when she was a just-starting, brand new, opening act, to seeing her perform stadium shows on her sold out world tours. That being said, she still has a way to make it feel like you are the only person in the room. She makes a show for 50,000 people seem like the most intimate concert. When she talks, it feels like she’s talking directly to you – and that feeling in itself is enough to make me want to travel the world and go to every 1989 show. My favorite parts of Taylor shows are her monologues before songs. I often connect to what she says, and they always make me feel feels (and they usually make me cry). Last night, two of my favorite moments were before she performed “Clean” and before she performed “All You Had to do was Stay.” Taylor has a way of speaking the words that I’m personally feeling. She sings about the emotions that I’ve felt or that I’m feeling. Needless to say, both songs made me cry.

It doesn’t matter where you sit – I sat in the upper level, towards the back of the stadium – you will enjoy the show from any seat. If I had to give a five star rating to the 1989 world tour, I would give it a 5 – based on an amazing setlist, costumes, performance, the emotional level, the show’s entertainment factor, and the care that obviously went into the show itself. It’s worth every second and every penny. If one thing is clear from the start of the show to the end, it’s that Taylor actually cares about her fans.

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