Welcome to the party

Welcome to my house party, party – aka the beginning of the rest of my life, aka I’m being dramatic, it’s actually my lifestyle blog. Over the past four years, My Life is Emily has changed from my personal thoughts blog, to my online portfolio, to just a name I used for my social media accounts. Now, as in right now, June 7th, 2015, it is a place where I can write about and talk about five of the things I’m most passionate about:

Beauty, Books, Entertainment, Food, and Real Life.

On My Life is Emily you will find the things that make up my life. You will find all types of reviews, recommendations, and hauls. You will find recipes, personal essays, suggestions, advice, and articles on topics like, college, Greek life, and “real life,” aka the scary career world. Each post will pertain to one of the categories above. Each post will be written to help, encourage, or entertain. I hope to inspire, start conversations, and make new friendships.

My name is Emily. I’m 22, and a recent college grad. I like to write.

Welcome to the party.

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24, content management assistant at harpercollins, avid reader, blogger, and lover of tea.

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